Strategic Procurement


Top tips for selling to Procurement Professionals.


Put your best paw forward with Strategic Procurement

Put simply, Procurement is the department responsible for managing the transactions between the business and its suppliers. However, organisations who take this simplistic approach are in danger of limiting the scope of procurement activities, and therefore not realising the full range of efficiencies. They will find themselves paying more, for goods or services that may not even be entirely necessary.

A Strategic Procurement approach, on the other hand (paw!) transforms the traditional purchasing process. By creating a framework where top dog purchasing professionals leverage their skills in a tactical, end-to-end approach, we can significantly increase the value delivered. Dramatic efficiencies are achieved by sniffing out valuable insights into markets; challenging specifications and implementing advanced negotiation tactics.

Led by skilled procurement professionals, together with a broad range of organisational stakeholders, Strategic Procurement examines the reasons we buy goods and services in order to understand the value gained. It is only once this is understood that we can rebuild the delivery of that value, in ways that really make sense.

Our approach…

We can work with you to uncover the best procurement strategies for your business. We will analyse and examine how Strategic Procurement could work within your organisation’s structure, and establish ways of making it happen for real. Flexible and nimble, we offer support on a consultancy basis, or through a dedicated Strategic Procurement training programme.

Our Procurement Pedigree

Smart Brown Dog has a very strong pedigree when it comes to Strategic Procurement. We’ve been working in the procurement arena for over 113 dog years (that’s 25 years to humans). For the last 15 (human) years we’ve been sharing our knowledge through a range of consultancy and change programs. Our experience in this space is unrivalled; we can help you take the confident steps required to drive significant change. Learn more about us…