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Top tips for selling to Procurement Professionals.


Get the inside track with strategic sales training

In recent years procurement teams have been working with stakeholders, re-examining the fundamentals of why they are buying goods and services, and using these to shape their sourcing strategies. This has resulted in a ‘category management’ or ‘strategic sourcing’ approach with simplified supply chains.

Whilst this has reduced the volume of opportunities for sales teams, it has increased the potential rewards. A successful approach that captures business can result in the competition being excluded from the buying landscape entirely, dramatically increasing the size of the win. To excel in this hyper-commercial environment sales teams need a sophisticated understanding of the procurement approach, and the ability to target their requirements head-on.

Introducing Inside Track…

Inside Track is an all-encompassing approach to strategic sales training. Delivered by ‘Best in Show’ ex-heads of procurement, the Inside Track framework guides sales teams through the same thought process procurement teams go through, revealing profound insights into the best way to respond. Participants will learn how to assess the buying team, snaffle-out valuable insights into key business drivers, and create a targeted proposal strategy.

Featuring a collaborative worksheet and workbook, the pivotal difference between Inside Track and other training courses is that participants apply the learning to their own scenarios. The result? A considered approach to a tender they are actually working on and a thought process that will deliver results time and time again. It’s highly plausible (pawsible!) that successful application will not only increase conversions, but also exclude the competition from the space for some time.

Race ahead of the pack

Inside Track can be delivered at your premises, or at a location of your choice. Contact us now to find out how you can get profound insight into the thought processes used by major businesses around the world.