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Top tips for selling to Procurement Professionals.


Best in breed strategic sales consultancy

Smart Brown Dog is an international network of ‘best in breed’ procurement specialists. Handpicked, each has excelled in executive buying roles. Their understanding of the intricate workings of strategic sourcing – the issues and hurdles it faces, the aims and goals it is chasing – is unrivaled.

In our experience, failed proposals are the result of an underlying disconnect between procurement departments and sales teams. However, where proposals fundamentally target key business drivers, conversions are optimised. It therefore stands to reason that, to influence procurement teams, you need an in-depth understanding of their business requirements, needs and wants.

We’re smart at…

Equipping sales teams with the ability to sniff out the approach adopted by procurement teams. With our support, they become adept at developing compelling proposals. Our aim is not only to win individual contracts, but also to get ahead of the pack, excluding the competition from the space for some time.

Flexible and nimble, we offer strategic sales consultancy as part of a program, as a single event, or as feature of the Inside Track framework. We can work with you on-site or remotely. Contact us now to find out how we can match individuals and skills to your specific needs. As ever, a close working relationship will optimise results.

Our Procurement Pedigree

Our work with international sales teams has delivered considerable results. By identifying underlying issues and expertly developing compelling proposals, we have been able to suggest ways to extend the sale from the initial area of enquiry into far-reaching on-selling opportunities.
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