Business Development


Top tips for selling to Procurement Professionals.



Business Development is a crucial component of your businesses success.  “New” business will come from your current customers, your old customers, customers like your current customers, your contacts and those new contacts that you actively target.

Top Dog Business development comes from understanding your customers, your market segment, interpreting customers insights, thinking about how you market strategically and how you position your business offer.


We’re smart at…

Helping you think about who your product and service are for,  we can build, run and managed business development campaigns for you to ensure that you have the stream of new business leads that you need to sustain your company.

Our approach is to work closely with a business on a retained basis to focus on all the facets of “business development” to ensure the best environment for success. Great business development will come from us fully understanding your offer, your customer relationship management tools (CRM) and your competitive environment.
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