The EU, Procurement and the quality of the debate

The quality of the debate – Staying in the EU and Procurement

In Procurement circles, there’s a real challenge in making sure at there is high quality analysis of particular categories, culminating in the clear expression of the way forward for that set of purchases. Markets are analysed, numbers and effects sought and clarified and a careful weighing up of the issues, against the known business requirements, allows a clear headed selection of an approach.

Contrast this with the current standard of the discussion on Britains position within the European Union. The standard of debate and discussion so far is wilfully low. The stay argument is defaulting to what is likely to go wrong if we leave, without any exploration of the benefits of staying. The leave campaign is getting as far as ‘it’s just better out’.

We deserve significantly better.
A great starting point is to clarify our needs as a country, in the main areas of government activity and economic growth, then get to a debate about how in our out fulfills this.
The current level of playground argument is demeaning.

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