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The demand for creative problem solving in supply chains, on the buyer and supplier side, is increasing. And the rewards are high – by thinking creatively, we can sniff out the best solution for ‘open-ended’ problems, problems for which there are more than one solution and a mixed range of results.

Creativity isn’t a mystical attribute reserved for the gifted few; it’s a process that can be developed and managed. Teams can learn to be creative by experimenting, exploring, questioning assumptions, using imagination and fusing information.

A smart approach to creativity…

Our unique, thought-provoking two-day workshop explores the process of developing innovation and creativity in the workplace. Working with acclaimed artist, Mic Chambers, we delve deep into the realms of personal creativity. Participants will take part in a challenging range of pursuits from creating self-portraits to thought-provoking discussions. Each succinct session is structured to give participants an intricate understanding into the mechanics of innovation, and how to release their own creativity.

Learning outcomes and benefits:

Advanced insight into the nature of creativity and the role it can play in business.

An awareness of the issues and challenges that threaten creativity and innovation.

An enhanced sense of personal creativity and an ability to apply it in the workplace.

Techniques to manage and direct creativity for maximum rewards.

Response to our creative workshops has been extraordinary. Feedback indicates that the level of awareness gleaned is far superior to similar business focussed courses. Furthermore, retention of the concepts and techniques is much increased and successful workplace application is high.

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