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Get the upper hand with Strategic Procurement Training

Strategic Procurement transforms the traditional purchasing process. Dramatic efficiencies can be achieved by sniffing out valuable insights into markets; challenging specifications and implementing advanced negotiation tactics. However, it’s a complex arena with many components to consider. There are various tricks to make it happen, but some are considerably more effective than others.

Our training explores how Strategic Procurement operates in the real world, and identifies ways to implement it in your world.

World-class Training

Smart Brown Dog has developed and delivered training for clients, internationally, for over 15 years. Our training programs balance theory and delivery, ensuring that concept can be turned into tangible change. Real life examples, situations and illustrations are brought to the fore, demonstrating how strategic procurement can be implemented, and the rewards of doing so.

The result? Delegates will be armed with strategies to approach everyday procurement situations, and will be able to deliver immediate efficiencies for their organisations.

Our approach…

Our purebred purchasing pedigree has given us a unique understanding of the issues faced by procurement organisations. With this in mind, we know that one size really doesn’t fit all when it comes to training. Our aim is to make sure that the programs you most need are the ones we are delivering, so we’ll tailor our approach to your needs. One thing that’s for sure: maximum returns are achieved when the training environment replicates the environment in which the learning will be applied.

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