Strategic Sales and Marketing


Top tips for selling to Procurement Professionals.


Taking the Lead in strategic sales

Successfully navigating complex procurement process poses a greater challenge than ever for sales teams. As prospects’ requests for information and data increase, sales teams are struggling to know how to respond and cope.

Although it’s tempting to point the finger at procurement teams and demand that they stop ‘moving the goalposts’, a more productive approach is to develop insights into their new thought processes. Procurement teams are working ever closely with their stakeholders, re-examining the fundamentals of why they are buying goods and services, and using these to shape their sourcing strategies. If we are to optimise conversions, it’s critical for sales teams to gain insight into how this is being done.

We’re smart at…

Equipping sales teams with the skills required to win high-value sales opportunities. Born from pure purchasing pedigree, we have many years’ experience of helping procurement teams develop new sourcing strategies. We can share this unique insight with your sales teams, helping them to become masters in the ‘new language’ of procurement. Teams will be able to:
Instinctively recognise the different roles within the procurement team and stakeholder groups thus facilitating tailored communications.
Intuitively identify the procurement approach the prospect is most likely to take and accurately pinpoint the key business drivers.
Intelligently craft compelling proposals that win contracts and increase the sales potential, creating far-reaching on-selling opportunities.

Our approach…

Flexible and nimble, we offer strategic sales training as part of a tailored consultancy approach or through our highly coveted strategic sales framework – Inside Track. By guiding sales teams through the same thought process procurement teams go through, Inside Track reveals deep insights into the best way to respond.
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