Thoughtful Marketing

Now is the time for a Smart and Thoughtful  Approach to your Marketing

We start with understanding your business, we then share our bright ideas and smart thinking to show you how marketing can help your business grow, we always stick around to help you implement our recommendations and embed these new approaches in your business.

Strategy and planning

We need to get to know each other and that is going to take a little while. Our favored approach is to grab a bit of space at your Business and talk to you and those who make your business tick. There is nothing quite like spending time in a business to help fully understand your needs.

We want to know a lot; what is your business, where do its development opportunities lie, what are the market’s current trends and your competitive advantages, what makes your customers tick and how successfully are you at putting them at the heart of your marketing strategy?

We might do all or some of the steps outlined below

  • Conduct a target market analysis to identify targeted markets, new markets and potential emerging markets.
  • Undertake a SWOT/PESTLE based analytical approach to understand the macro environment of the key high growth/potential markets.
  •  Identify the common characteristics that form your customer base to identify the best channels for you.
  • Agree target markets and recommend marketing channels for each.
  •  Discuss and agree key marketing messages
  • Agree marketing budget for identified market sectors


We will build a tailored plan of action informed by our market research , this is a athoughtful approach where we outline your marketing activity for each key market across all channels. ( Social media, PPC, Print , PR , Email , Web, editorial ) to name just a few ) We build the plan with you, we involve your people and your chosen suppliers. We find great people to fill your skills gap.

Getting Creative

With a strategy and plan in place we can get on with the creative work, bright ideas to work in support of growth targets. A great deal of what you get out of our work comes from this part of it: the ideas, the lateral thinking, the creativity.

Social Media

We plan and implement social campaigns for our clients. We work on a number of channels including; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin and Google+

We can plan and implement online advertising campaigns for you, we can post for you, we can train others to contribute or run your social channels for you. Often we provide interim support and help you resource the appropriate support from agencies or through recruitment. We help you sort the wheat from the chaff and get to real expertise.

Long-term management

So, you have great plan to take your business to the next level; now what? , we can walk away and let you implement and measure the success of the plan ; this approach does suit some of our Customers,  or we can stick around, help your business grow and continue to nurture that growth, we can manage and nurture all of your marketing activity, we can help with other business growth challenges and we can be a sounding board for next big idea.