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Imagine if you could organise your thoughts in a way that would lead to a different, and even better, understanding of the supply chain situation your team is contemplating. Imagine if this meant you could make guesses, test them and reach advanced solutions where you thought there were none…that’s creativity.

Believe it or not, creativity and innovation are fundamental to supply chain management. By thinking creatively, we can sniff out the best solutions for ‘open-ended’ problems, problems for which there may be more than one solution. Without creativity, opportunities and developments are ignored or, worse still, snaffled up by our competitors.

Harnessing innovation and creativity requires two areas of critical thinking. Firstly, we need to understand how innovation and creativity works. Contrary to popular belief, ideas don’t just happen; they need to be nurtured and given the necessary space to breathe. Secondly, dogged determination is required to ensure creative processes are delivering in the areas that will drive the biggest rewards.

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Helping individuals and organisations explore the creative process, driving significant strategic rewards. Years of managing supply chains and running demanding delivery projects have given us deep insight into the drivers behind true creativity in business.

We share this with organisations through a thought-provoking two-day workshop designed to foster innovation and fuel advanced creativity in the workplace. The insights generated from this exploration provide a depth of understanding that is unmatched.
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