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Top tips for selling to Procurement Professionals.


A Smart Team with a Strong Pedigree

Smart Brown Dog was created by Susie Hudson and Mark Hubbard, bringing together their broad experience in Procurement, Marketing, Change Management, Leadership and Professional Development.

Mark Hubbard, Director

Mark has worked in procurement since leaving university, his dogged determination and hard work has landed him a series of roles including Procurement Director. He has also been closely involved in two significant procurement consultancy organisations.

With broad international experience, exceptional business acumen and endless enquiry into the workings of Procurement, Mark has delivered value, insight and change into dozens of businesses. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn…

Susie Hudson, Director

Susie is known as a change agent, having delivered business development and growth acceleration programs in a number of organisations. Past achievements include award-winning client management on major construction programs, delivering massive growth in turnover for a business school, development of adult learning programs and developing innovative and successful marketing campaigns.

Susie’s insight into the use of marketing as an engine for driving business change is inspiring, and has provided clients with opportunities above and beyond their expectations. Connect with Susie on LinkedIn…

The Smart Brown Dog, Muse

The Smart Dog behind the Dog is one extremely dapper, chocolate-coloured Labradoodle called Rocco. Rocco has little hands-on (paws on!) training in procurement or marketing, but understands the dynamics and certainly knows how to present a compelling proposal. On first meeting Mark as a young pup, he found his way firmly into his affections with a cute penchant for licking knees. Whilst we don’t recommend this as a tactic for strategic sales teams, it certainly worked for Rocco.

A few years on, Rocco is an integral part of the Smart Brown Dog team; he’s a very good excuse to break away from the desk and head out for some thinking time. A loyal companion, he also likes to tag along to the occasional client meeting. Please note that Rocco is not on LinkedIn (yet).

Our approach…

Smart Brown Dog builds on our founders’ skills and knowledge, and also uses their broad business networks to find ways of making change happen. We’re here to deliver the new ways of thinking that will help you take confident steps towards significant business growth. Contact us to find out more…

The Smart Brown Dog Photo Stock.

Many of the photos on this site are loaned from the collections of Paul Gorrin – a photographer that lives and works near our home inthe South West of the U.K . You can view more of Paul’s work at www.flickr.com/photos/cedrickdevon
We think these photos capture both the beauty and character of this corner of the world ( and the best spots for Smart Brown Dog to chase squirrels)